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Our appetizers at $1.50:

Mini pizza cheese and pepperoni

Our appetizers at $1,75 :

Beef carpaccio with parmesan and lemon juice

Risotto de coquillettes et jambon

Our appetizers at $1,95 :

Tortellini with lamb, coriander and cumin mayonnaise

Lamb Meatballs spiced red wine sauce (hot or cold)

Mini Beef Tataki skewer spiced with three peppers

Watermelon cube with lavender oil wrapped with a slice of prosciutto

Our appetizers at $2,25 :

kebab lamb with Moroccan spices and yogurt with mint

Mini Croque-Monsieur, Mornay sauce (cheese béchamel) and Alps prosciutto chips (extra: Croque-Madame with quail eggs $1.25)

Cornet au sésame garni d’une mousse de jambon de Savoie, émincé de dattes

Shooter de crème de boudin avec sa salsa de pomme et lardons

Tartelette (Quiche) feuilletée au jambon forêt noir et métayère

Pea cream and smoked bacon, mint mousse

Our appetizers at $2,45 :

Mini tacos à l’effiloché de porc, mayonnaise samba-olek, salsa tomates et mangues

Flan de champignons et lard salé, pousse de pois vrillés. (minimum de 10un)

Beef tartar Foie Gras and truffle oil sauce

Montreal Smoked meat, home smoked with homemade mayonnaise combined to old mustard

Grilled cheese cheddar guiness and mushroom gravy

Our appetizers at $2,95 :

Toasted brioche bread with a light mousse of Port and Armagnac Foie Gras, tangerine and nougat  jam, honey fig

Half-cooked duck breast Tartar, dried cranberries and Brandy mayonnaise

Mini Pork Burger cooked with thyme and a slice of cheese with melted Mamirolle (hot or cold)

Mini Beef Burger, slightly spicy BBQ sauce, a thin slice of creamy Brie and bacon chips ( hot or cold)

Mini skewer of grilled elk tataki, sesame sauce flavored with basil

Mini burger of Foie Gras and lamb, Indian sauce (spicy & fruity, spicy mango compote) coriander and mini arugula (hot) ($0.50 extra)



Our appetizers at $1,95 :

Mini chicken kebab spiced with sambal oelek (hot or cold)

Ham fillet of smoked duck and onion chutney with grenadine

Chicken Dumplings with Peanut Sauce

Fried chicken Brochette with almonds, honey and mustard sauce

Foie Gras Torchon with seasonal flavors

Foie gras mousse toast with Port and crispy Viennese bread

Our appetizers at $2,25 :

Chicken Smoked meat with home made BBQ sauce

Our appetizers at $2,75 :

Crumble chicken and celery

Our appetizers at $2,95 :

Toasted Ginger bread with Foie Gras and diced sun dried figs

Roasted duck breast, Enoki mushrooms and a ginger emulsion

Mini quail eggs marbled and stuffed

Rösti Ball flavored with tonka bean and stuffed with duck and pear confit

Mini Foie Gras escalope, honey lacquered, accompanied with a black truffonade on  toasted Vienna bread (hot) ($0.50 extra).



Our appetizers at $1,75 :

Rillettes de truite sur toast viennois, crème à l’aneth

Our appetizers at $1,95 :

Mini skewer of yellowfin tuna tataki breaded with Garam Masala

Princess Scallops Ceviche (champagne) and diced Granny Smith apple

Smoked salmon, sour cream flavoured with a lime zest, on sesame croutons, Curacao pearls, black salt flakes

Matane shrimps marinated in ginger, orange whip

Fresh salmon tartare and cucumber ribbon

Salmon Gravlax and beet chutney,  pepper

Fish Ceviche with a citrus supreme and herbs

Shrimp Lollipops breaded in panko and fried, sweet and sour sauce

Our appetizers at $2,25 :

Plateau de Maki aux multiples saveurs, accompagnement de soya, wasabi, gingembre, sauce, et baguettes (minimum de 80 unités)

Our appetizers at $2,45 :

Scallop tartare with pearls and lemon chive oil

Virgin Caesar Shooter and shredded tourteau, lemon pearls

Our appetizers at $2,95 :

Spring roll with lobster meat

Spring roll with crab meat, home mayonnaise with saffron, cucumber julienne, baby arugula, fresh basil and toasted sesame seeds

Tuna tartare, sesame oil and green onions

Mini brochette of salmon accras (fritters), yogurt shizo sauce and  a zest of lemon (hot or cold)

Salmon tartare lollypop in a jelly of cuttlefish ink spiced with ginger

Cubes of  Valrhona chocolate,  lobster claws meat, mango compote, lime caviar and spring onion

Crevette tigrée et rougail de tomates et mangue

Crab Cake, pistaches torréfiées, coriandre, aneth et mayonnaise citronnée

Shooter de fruits de la passion à la vanille et bonbon de saumon cuit en tataki au garam massala

Oysters according to availability and market price, with seasonal garnish (to be determined)

Our appetizers at $3,45 :

Bloody Cesar shooter, shredded crab, vodka with lime and Espelette pepper

Matane shrimp verrine, spicy guacamole, tomato bruschetta and croutons of toasted  with thyme

Pink mini burger, stuffed with shredded lobster mayonnaise and wakame angustura

Scallops Carpaccio, mango jelly, lime caviar and passion fruit (in season)

Sauted Scallops coated with a thin slice of multicolor carrots (held by a clothespin) and black truffle



Our appetizers at $1,50 :

Mini pizza with four cheeses

Our appetizers at $1,75 :

Assortiments de hors-d’œuvres végétariens (Spanakopita, filo féta, croissant champignons…)

Our appetizers at $1,95 :

Grilled eggplant rolls with Philadelphia  cream cheese and slices of cranberries

Gaspacho façon smoothie et huile de ciboulette

Borscht Shooter (beets), sour cream and mini garlic croutons

Mini cone with black sesame, stuffed with goat cheese and honey, coriander

Cube de Oka frit et sa sauce épicée

Bowl of seasonal mushrooms and reduced peppered meat gravy

Mini cake salé farci aux multiples tapenades

“The Mamirolle” gratiné, on toasted Viennese bread, green grapes salsa and roasted pine nuts (hot or cold)

Eggplant caviar with herbs and shavings of Parmesan Reggiano, served as a salty tart

Brochettes de mini bocconcini frits, tomate cerise et basilic

Palmitos aux olives et tomates séchées

Our appetizers at $2,45 :

Quinoa verrine, ripened cheese, pistachio and nuts in honey

Arancini aux champignons et mayonnaise au samba olek (chaud)

Panna cotta betterave-gingembre

“Caviar” of Israeli couscous, lobster meat, grilled Meyer lemon puree



Our appetizers at $1,95 :

Delicious chocolates from our Master Chocolatier (to be ordered 72 hours in advance)

Mini tart of Valrhona chocolate and dark crispy chocolate mini balls

Famous Labeyrie Macaron

Our appetizers at $2,25 :

Assorted sweets (Paris-Brest, cup caramel tart bourdaloue)

Mini Canoli

Mini cupcakes in many flavors

Our appetizers at $2,45 :

Soft mini Valrhona Guanaja chocolate

Flambéed apples in a verrine, with Pinnacle Ice Cider and almond crumble

Pistachio mousse on an almond crumble, topped with a strawberry

Bordeaux mini cannelé flavored with rum (to be ordered 72 hours in advance)

Christophe Morel Macarons

Jivara Chocolate lollipop chocolate made with crunchy hazelnuts

Mini cup of diced fresh fruit flavored with orange blossom water and a mini madeleine with lemon zest

Révélos offered in many flavors

Chocolate Puck (Joe Louis) from “Crémy Pâtisserie”

Our appetizers at $2,95 :

Poached Pear in Labrador tea, ‘Belle Hélène’ style

Cheese cake in a chocolate tart and home crumble


All our appetizers are available as disposable or non-disposable buffet

Our hot appetizers require the presence of our Chef on site

Minimum order: 6 persons and 8 appetizers per person

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