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Breakfast à la carte

 Orders have to be placed 48 hours in advance for corporate orders (except for major events)

 If the order is for the next day, it must be placed before 2 pm. All choices will be the Chef’s inspiration.

 Management reserves the right to accept or reject certain commands based on schedules or deadlines considered too short.

General terms


Homemade cookies $2,00/pers.

Viennoiserie Pastries $2,50/pers.

Slice of French Brioche and House duo jams $2,50/pers.

Labeyrie Blinis (x3) and maple syrup $2,50/pers.

Homemade muffin, various flavors $2,50/pers.

Skewer of fresh fruits and Valrhona chocolate sauce $2,75/pers.

Creamy yogurt, layer of honey, seasonal berries and granola $3,50/pers.

Pancakes (x2) and its sweet accompanying jam or syrup $3,50/pers.

Fruit salad, homemade syrup and wild mint $3,75/pers.

Vanilla whipped yogurt, mixed berries and Valrhona chocolate shavings $3,75/pers.

Mini pastries-Viennoiseries (3/pers.) $4,50/pers.

Mini muffins (3/pers.), various flavors $4,50/pers.


Toasted English muffin (e.g. bacon, sausage … ) $1,50/pers.

Mini pancake sandwiches, your choice (egg, ham, cheese or Manchego) $2,50/pers.

English muffin topped with cheddar cheese, a slice of roast chicken and one poached egg $3,50/pers.

Mini croissant filled with cheese and ham from the Vosges, cooked ‘’Torchon’’ style, young shoots of lettuce $3,50/pers.

½ Bagel with Labeyrie smoked salmon and Philadelphia cheese, fresh dill and capers $3,50/pers.

Chic and De Luxe Sandwiches (150g/person ) $3,50/pers.

Salty Clafouti of home smoked salmon and fresh dill, trout eggs and Bagel chips $3,75/pers.

Soft Bread Sandwich, thinly sliced ​​boiled eggs, crispy bacon, tomatoes, salad and homemade mayonnaise $4,25

Half Club Sandwich, soft toasted bread, shredded duck from South West of France,  crispy bacon, tomatoes, salad , topped with a poached egg $4,75/pers.

Cheese Tray with fruits, nuts, bread, homemade jams $6,00/pers.

Regular coffee (percolator) minimum 15 cups (including cups, disposable spoons, cream, milk and sugar)  $2,50/pers.


Complete disposable kit

including plates, cutlery, cups and napkins + $1,85/pers.

Beverages: soda, water, juice … + $1.85 / pers.

V8, sparkling water, ice tea +$2,00 / pers.


The Frenchy at $6,50/pers

2 mini viennoiserie pastries (chocolate croissant, croissant)

1 slice of sweet French brioche and jam (apple/raspberry or pear/macaron or blueberries/5 berries)

The Quebequois at $6,50/pers

2 muffins

1 oatmeal

1 oatmeal

1 fruit skewer

The Champion at $10,85/pers

2 mini pastries (viennoiseries)

1 mini muffin

1 oatmeal

1 yogurt with berries and honey

1 hard-boiled egg

1 skewer of fresh fruit

Options:disposable plates 2/pers. +$0,85 Beverages: soda, water, juice … + $1.85/ pers. V8, sparkling water, iced tea + $2.00/pers.  * Minimum 6 people. All offered with non-disposable or disposable equipment (pick-up fees and additional charges for picking-up disposables could apply depending on the quantity ordered)
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