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Buffets à la carte

  Orders have to be placed 48 hours in advance for corporate orders (except for major events)

 If the order is for the next day, it must be placed before 2 pm. All choices will be the Chef’s inspiration.

 Management reserves the right to accept or reject certain commands based on schedules or deadlines considered too short.

General Terms

From $12/pers, including minimum of:

One tray of your choice

One salad of your choice

One dessert of your choice.

Minimum 8 people.  Order placed 48 hours in advance, offered with disposable equipment ($1.25/person) or non-disposable equipment (pickup fee applies, see conditions)

buffet à la carte


SALADS (100 gr/pers)

Delicatessen, meats from France (180gr/pers.)

Serrano ham, prosciutto from the Alps, Vosges ham, Sausage of Lyon plain, with hazelnuts, with  Beaufort, French baguette, mixed nuts, fresh grapes and traditional gherkins “Maille”

 (same tray is also available in 90 gr/pers format, $8.00/ person).


Cheese ( 125gr/pers)

Delicious Quebec cheese served with home-made jams, mixed nuts, toasted country bread, fresh grapes. $ 12.00/pers.

De Luxe salads (100gr/pers) $3,50/pers.

 see De luxe salads menu

Chic & Prestige Salads (100gr/pers) $2,50/pers.

 see chic & prestige salads menu


Cold meats (160gr/pers)

Beef, lamb, pork and usual accompaniments (pickled vegetables, multicolored olives, black olive tapenade, onions and condiments). $14.00/pers.

Cold Fish flavored with fresh dill and lemon (160gr/pers)

salmon, cod, served with mayonnaise and home aioli, tomato and licorice chutney. $12.00/pers.

Wide colorful variety of vegetables

with their choice of carefully chosen dips (2 dips of your choice) $5.00/pers

The Dips

The Classic

Creamy dip with smoked paprika and lemon peel, Philadelphia cheese, sour cream with Sambal oeleck and roasted red peppers.

The Indonesian

Smooth ginger puree dip, spiced with curry and turmeric, diced tofu.

The Mexican

Creamy Guacamole with grated Parmesan Reggiano and Corno di Capra pepper.

The Japanese

Petals of candied ginger, black liquid beet sugar from Hokkaido flavored with fresh coriander, black garlic and aged Chu Noh soy sauce.

The Exotic

diced mango salsa, chunks of lime and lemon, grated guava, avocado, cassava, all washed down with a good Caribbean “Old Rum“.

The Middle-Eastern

Home-made Hummus (chickpeas marinated in fresh Moroccan spices and Argan oil) according to the authentic Mediterranean tradition.


buffet à la carte
    • Home-made chocolate mousse and fresh mint $2.25/pers.
    • Skewer of fresh fruits with a Valrhona chocolate coulis $2.75/pers.
    • Chocolate Éclair / Coffee / Chantilly $3.20.
    • Traditional mille-feuille with custard cream $3.20.
    • Raspberry Mille-feuille: Whipped cream and raspberry jam $3.20.
    • Chocolate Religieuse topped with a coffee ‘chou’ $3.60 .
    • Baba au Rhum and seasonal fruit topped with whipped cream $3.80.
Additional Info

Complete disposable kit, including plates,

cutlery, cups and napkins + $1,85/pers. Beverages: soda, water, juice … + $1.85/pers. V8 , sparkling water, iced tea + $2.00/pers.

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