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Why is it better for gamblers to refuse cocktails at the game?

In the old days, if you wanted to play blackjack or roulette against your friends, there were only three ways to do it: either you all went to one casino and played at one table (this way you had to be able to divide your bankroll, and bankroll management skills were very important), or you got some cards, represented roulette and tried to imitate casino play as best you could, or you had to organize some home game(s) with your friends. However, most people got bored with it after a while because organizing such home games was often cumbersome and time-consuming. You also had to buy equipment - cards, a roulette wheel, chips, etc. And if your friends couldn't come for whatever reason (for example, they had other plans), you ended up wasting your money on something you couldn't use at all.

There had to be a better way! Fortunately for everyone, in the late 90's a few smart people in Silicon Valley created the "Internet". And along with the Internet came online casinos. And casino games became widely available to the masses. So if you couldn't meet your friends in a casino, you could now play against them online (after all, playing against someone online is no different than playing at the same table; the only difference is that players are separated by geographical distances, not physical distances). The best part was that if someone canceled the game, you could just keep playing against other players.

Real money online casinos were still in their infancy at the time (i.e. many of them were just scammers stealing money from their players), but after a while, they became more and more competitive, and those that survived the early years became really good.

Gambling and alcohol

Gamblers like to drink. But it is better not to drink even cocktails while gambling. After all, it negatively affects the results of the game.

To prove this statement, experts from a British university conducted a fairly thorough study that lasted several months, which involved dozens of volunteers who agreed to take part in an experiment at home. They were given 10 decks of cards, each containing 652 cards with different numbers (from 1 to 52), and asked to determine which cards had the right combination for a successful game. In each deck, they could only see the topmost card, and then they turned over the next one.

And here's what they found: when playing without alcohol, people won about 50 percent of the time. When they consumed cocktails, their success rate dropped to 44%. The effect of alcohol became more pronounced as the number of decks increased.

Meanwhile, some scientists caution against drinking alcoholic beverages before playing cards because the ability to judge even the most basic things (such as speed and distance) will be severely impaired; it is simply not safe.

Alcohol slows down the thought process. If you are drunk, you are unlikely to save your luck in lining up bonus symbols on slot machines. Alcohol can affect your vision. If you've been drinking, don't choose table games where you have to keep your eye on the cards. Alcohol affects your ability to judge. Alcohol can cause you to make a wrong bet or worse, lose your money because you are playing with poor judgment.

Alcohol prevents people from controlling their emotions while playing at online casinos. This can lead to making bad decisions or worse, losing money because of poor judgment. When you are playing at an online casino, time is still very important. If you are intoxicated, you are unlikely to be able to make a good decision about how much time you are willing to spend in the casino and for how many games. A few extra cocktails can change your personality. It's no secret that some people become more talkative, while others become tense and begin to lose their temper. If you don't want your personality to change because of alcohol, then please think twice before drinking before a casino game.

In any case, if you plan to play at an online casino after you've had a little too much to drink, try not to play high-risk games because your decisions are less likely to be effective. Play for fun, but not at the expense of your money.

As you can see, alcohol and online casino gaming do not go well together. For those who like to have a few drinks before playing at an online casino, it is much safer to leave your alcohol locker closed. Remember to always play responsibly, and you won't have a problem playing your favorite games without having to stop for a drink.

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